“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


S. Bishop: Jonas N. for the strength of Competing: I’d like to recognize Jonas. Jonas likes to compete in many activities at recess, especially tetherball. His classmates say that he is a great competitor and a good sport!😊


Mack: Frederick S. for the strength of Achieving: I have been impressed with how hard Fred has worked this year to improve his grades and to reach his AR goals.  He always sticks to the task given, without having to be reminded because he enjoys that feeling of having his work done. Fred is an achiever!


Burgess:  Richard F. for the strength of Competing:  Richie is very much a competitor and this strength compels him to do his very best.  He is always working hard with math facts and making sure he meets his AR goal.  Richie uses his competing strength to help him reach his goals. 


Edwards:  Chloe S. for the strength of Caring:  Chloe is the epitome of caring.  She has a tender heart and always strives to be kind and generous.  She looks out for everyone in our class all the time.  She even reminds everyone to take home lunchboxes that are left in the bucket.  No one is more caring than Chloe!


Horlacher:  Liane H. for the strength of Achieving:  Liane is a hard worker.  She has beautiful penmanship and is an artist.  She takes her time and loves to do well in school.


Ferree:  Michael H. for the strength of Achieving:  I am proud of Michael and all of his hard work mastering his math facts.  Three down, one to go!  Thank you for working so hard!


Chapman:  Haylee T. for the strength of Presence:  Haylee uses her strength of presence to be an example to other students.  She works hard and those around her see that!


Burgess:  Anthony H. for the strength of Presence:  Anthony is very comfortable with leading our class and making our class a fun place because of his wonderful strength of presence!


McDevitt:  Brandon A. for the strength of Relating:  Brandon is kind and considerate to his friends and teacher.  He enjoys making friends and nurturing the relationships that he has with his friends and family.