Dress Code

The Dress Code adopted by the Happy Valley School Board is designed to help encourage a wholesome learning environment, to provide safety, and discourage negative influences.


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Uniform tops are collared, Polo, shirts in red, white or navy blue with the school name imprinted on the front. Tops must be purchased online from our vendor whose information is printed at the end of the Dress Code. Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers must be either navy blue or khaki, and may be purchased at local discount or department stores. The lower portion of the uniform may not be gray, black, green, royal blue, pastel blue, red or any color other than navy blue or khaki. Jeans/Denim may not be worn as uniform attire.

Stripes, plaids, flowers or other designs or colors such as pink, green, purple, anything neon, or hues that clash with the uniform colors may not be worn as the bottom portion of the uniform or as accessories.

Accessories such as sweaters, pullovers, light jackets, sweatshirts, vests, jumpers, tights, leggings, socks, t-shirts with long sleeves exposed or other articles of visible clothing must match the uniform’s colors. Neutral gray accessories are fine. Coats and jackets that are worn only on the playground or outside in cold weather may be any color, fabric or design (except for those designs listed as inappropriate).

Inappropriate/prohibited clothing/accessories include anything with questionable language, pictures, images, or depictions of negative, unwholesome or controversial subject matter, such as gangs, violence, skulls, skeletons, political, anti-social or social protest messages or actions.

The proper size uniform must be worn. Tops that are too long, too large or too small, or lower parts of the uniform that are too tight or too short may not be worn. No part of the uniform may be altered by cutting, tying, fraying, tearing, shortening or otherwise distorting its normal appearance, size or length.

Student appearance, outer attire, and accessories must be modest and avoid creating a distraction. Clothing must be gender appropriate, clean, neat, in good repair, and fit properly at all times. Baggy, saggy, excessively tight, worn, torn or frayed clothing or accessories may not be worn. These standards apply to “free dress” or special theme days, as well as uniforms.

Please keep in mind that the intent of having uniforms is to promote attire that is in harmony with, not different from what others are wearing.

Uniform tops are not required to be tucked in, nor are belts required. Suspenders may not be worn outside of clothing.

Shorts, skorts, skirts and hem length of dresses or jumpers must be at least mid-thigh in length and have a “finished” hemline.

Underclothing must not be exposed, partially or otherwise, and see-through attire is not permitted. Uniform shorts are to be worn under dresses or skirts on physical education days and at any time when girls are climbing or playing on the playground equipment.

Shoes with closed toes and heel straps are encouraged. For safety reasons, high heels, platform shoes (including raised-heel tennis shoes), cowboy boots, hiking boots, footwear with rollers or cleats, other recreational footwear, soft cloth, bedroom slippers, clogs, or flip-flops may not be worn to school anytime. As with other coordinating accessories, shoes may not be bright, neon colors.

P.E. Attire: Conventional Velcro fastened or lace-up tennis shoes must be worn for physical education classes, and are recommended as daily wear for all students since schedules may be changed unexpectedly. Time does not allow for individual evaluations of alternative footwear anytime, especially during P.E. classes.

Hats, caps and sunglasses are appropriate outdoors, but may not be worn indoors by boys or girls. All headwear must be worn in conventional style, not sideways or backwards. Do rags, skull caps, sweatbands, and stocking caps and similar headgear are not permitted. Sun block is encouraged, but must be applied at home. School staff cannot apply sunblock at school, nor may students keep it with them.

Hair should be neatly groomed and clean. Distracting hairstyles are not permitted, including, but not limited to: unnatural colors; Mohawks; “fauxhawks,” spikes; cut or shaved designs; partially shaved or cut; shaggy or excessively unkempt hair. Hair must not hang below eyebrows or impair normal vision. Boys’ hair should not fall below the bottom of the shirt collar line, be pinned up or worn in a ponytail.

Jewelry, makeup and nail polish: Girls may wear earrings in/on the ears only. Girls in grades 5 and 6 only may wear lightly applied makeup. Nail polish may not be black or dark purple. Boys may not wear earrings, makeup or nail polish. Piercing, other than girls’ earrings, may not be visible on exposed areas of the body.

Tattoos, transfers, writing or markings on exposed areas of the skin are not permitted.

Enforcement: Students out of dress code may not attend class. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are properly dressed for school each day, and will need to bring proper attire to school for their student if the student is out of dress code. Since no dress code can address all of the changing fads in clothing and attire, the final decision regarding dress code issues rests with the administration.

Parents and students sign the dress code as part of the enrollment agreement each year. Thanks for helping keep us all focused on learning, and maintaining a positive, safe environment for everyone.

One objective of wearing uniforms is to create an environment that raises student awareness that we are in a school setting which focuses on learning and academics. We believe that concentrating on developing character and positive personality traits (rather than being distracted by an emphasis on style and clothing fads at school) will serve students better in becoming more interesting and successful in the future.

Uniforms tops with the Happy Valley logo must be worn. Uniforms may be ordered here: www.happyvalleystore.com. Please note that ordering and delivery of uniforms takes 7-10 business days to process.