“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Staggie: Karsten R. for the strength of Dependability: I know that I can always count on Karsten. He always tells the truth, even if the outcome is unfavorable for him. Karsten always does the right thing regardless if someone is looking or not. I couldn’t imagine my class without Karsten. Being dependable is one of his greatest strengths. 


Solis: Yandel C. for the strength of Confidence: Yandel shows his strength of confidence every day.  He is a risk taker and pushes himself to the limits.  He loves to dance and put on a show.  He is very certain about who he is and what he likes.  Yandel has great confidence.


Graham: Canyon R. for the strength of Dependability:  Canyon is a reliable and conscientious person.  Our class can depend on Canyon to always do what he commits to.  Canyon is a pleasure to teach!


Barlow:  McKinley H. for the strength of Achieving: McKinley worked really hard to achieve her goal of passing off 1000 sight words.  She has made great strides towards becoming a life-long reader.  Way to go, McKinely!


Burgess:  Brooklyn G. for the strength of Dependability:  Brooklyn is dependable in every aspect of her education- getting her work done, turning in her homework, and being accountable for her work.  Brooklyn is a student that recognizes she is responsible for her own learning!


Stahr:  Nadia C. for the strength of Discoverer:  Nadia is very curious.  She is always asking “why?”  She loves learning new things.  She is also adventurous which helps her to discover.


Horlacher:  Bridger O. for the strength of Future Thinker:  Bridger thinks about what he wants to be when he grows up.  He knows he wants to be a dad.  He thinks ahead in class and works hard to complete his work!


Mack: Sylvanna C. for the strength of Organizer: Sylvanna is one of those students who always seems to know where her belongings are and never has to say, “Mrs. Mack, I can’t find my pencil.”  She is so organized that she can give assistance to those around her that need help with this strength. When she gets to school each day, she is able to get right to work because of how organized she is.