Morgan has the ability to show confidence in her abilities without seeming like she’s bragging. She is a great example of how to have confidence in oneself.”
Strength of: Confidence – Coach Orton


Molly can sense when someone is in need and is right there to help without being asked.  She watches to see who needs a friend or a kind word. She is such a caring person in our classroom!”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. Mack


Tanner likes to compete and win, but is a very good sport whether he wins or loses.”
Strength of: Competing – Miss Bishop


Sophie loves to keep the classroom organized. She is always organizing the books on her bookshelf.”
Strength of: Organizer – Mrs. Stahr


Dominic loves to think about the future. He inspires others by looking at all future outcomes and possibilities.”
Strength of: Future Thinker – Mrs. Hawkins


Trinity is a great organizer.  She uses her organization skills to help in the classroom by doing the lunch tags and putting the papers in number order.  Trinity likes things to be orderly and even remembers to write tips on her paper while she is taking tests.  This organization skill is going to be very helpful in Trinity’s life.”
Strength of: Organizer – Mrs. Burgess


Tristin is an achiever.  He goes above and beyond to get his work done on time and makes sure it is his best work.  He is very bright and loves to accomplish his goals.”
Strength of: Achiever – Mrs. Horlacher


Kaniah is such a great relator!  She values her friendships and her friends obviously value her.”
Strength of: Relator – Mrs. A. Haller


Raymond is such a dependable person! You can always count on him to do whatever is asked of him. This week, the students were asked to double check each problem before turning in their math tests. Raymond decided he would triple check, so he figured out each problem 3 different ways to make sure his answers were correct!”
Strength of: Dependability – Mrs. Ralston


Ryland is always one of the first willing to help other students. She is a kind friend and when she is in the room, you know it. Ryland is an important member of our class and shows that through her strength of presence.”
Strength of: Presence – Mrs. Chapman