Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others”


Sydney knows who she is and shows it. She is never boastful or arrogant, but sets a great example of quiet confidence in all she does.”
Strength of: Confidence – Mrs. Edwards


Ashley is acknowledged for her strength in organization.  She takes pride in her work and makes sure every paper and book has a place.  She knows where everything is and never has to waste time looking.”
Strength of: Organization – Ms. Groff


“Izzy is always willing to help other students and the teacher.  She is always looking for ways to help others!”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. Chapman


Preston always does his work completely correct and is always challenging himself to beat his own past successes.”
Strength of: Competing – Mrs. A. Haller


Christian always has his work done on time and it is checked for completeness.  He can be counted on to help others in the classroom as well as the teacher.  He is a dependable peer tutor and an absolute pleasure to teach!”
Strength of: Dependability – Ms. McDevitt


Jordyn is always concerned with the quality of her work.  She thrives on understanding the concepts and completing the tasks given to her.”
Strength of: Achieving – Mrs. Burgess


Ben always cares for his friends and his happiest when he is playing and working with his friends.”
Strength of: Relating – Coach Orton


Max loves to discover and look for new things when learning, always trying to find new ways or new information. Max is also a future thinker and said about being a discoverer “If there are no future thinkers, there will be no discoverers like me, and society will not grow.'”
Strength of: Discovering – Mrs. N. Haller