“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Ferree: Jaren F. for the strength of Competing: Jaren has made drill practice fun by seeing who finished first.  Not only is he fast, but he is accurate too! 


Burgess: Trenton F. for the strength of Confidence: Trent has a lot of confidence.  He is very self-assured and that helps him participate in our class discussions.


Stahr: Mason N. for the strength of Discoverer: Mason is very inquisitive.  He is always asking “why?”  He is very curious.


A Bishop: Bryelle W. for the strength of Achieving: Bryelle always gets her work done right away and strives to do the very best that she can.  She is highly motivated to meet her own academic goals and pushes herself to achieve greatness.  She is a fantastic student!


Robinson: Isabella C. for the strength of Relating: Isabella is a natural friend.  She quickly befriended all of the new students in our class.  She holds her close friendships dear, yet she includes everyone.  It is no wonder that so many people are drawn to Isabella!


West: Andrew W. for the strength of Caring: Andrew cares a lot about how the other students are feeling and always wants to help a student out when they are struggling.


A Haller: Marlene C. for the strength of Discoverer: Marlene loves to ask questions and be informed.  I love how she is always looking to learn new things!


Edwards: Jordyn T. for the strength of Future Thinking and Caring: Jordyn thinks ahead and creates a plan to ensure she completes all of her work then she helps her friend do the same.  She knows that her future depends on doing the work today. 


Chapman: Makayla F. for the strength of Dependability: Makayla can always be counted on to do what is asked, complete assignments, and do her class job.  She goes above and beyond to do her part to make our classroom successful!


Graham: Beck R. for the strength of Presence: Beck has such a positive and inspiring impact on our classroom environment every day.  His gentle, yet commanding presence is a true gift to our class.  I am honored to teach Beck!


McDevitt: Kaylin C. for the strength of Organizer: Kaylin carefully organizes her work so she always knows what she needs to complete.  She is helpful to her classmates who struggle to organize their work.