“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Staggie:  Keyette S. for the strength of DEPENDABILITY. Keyette always comes into the classroom ready to learn. She is always on task and doing exactly what she is supposed to. I know I can always depend on Keyette to do what is right.


Chapman: I would like to recognize Kevin F. for the strength of COMPETING.  Kevin always competes with himself to do better.  He is driven to improve on math facts each day.  He always wants to be faster and to beat his previous score. 


Mrs. Mack:  Macy E. for the strength of ORGANIZER. Macy comes to school prepared and ready to do her best each day.  Her desk is so neat and clean that she can always find what she needs and can move quickly from one assignment to the next because she is so organized.  I appreciate having an organizer in my class like Macy who can help things flow smoothly.     


S Bishop:  Jojo P. for the strength of PRESENCE.  Jojo is a very fun and energetic person that many kids like to play with and be friends with.  He pretty much dances into and around class and is a joy to be around. 


West: Lexi T. for the strength of FUTURE THINKER. Lexi is a future thinker because she always plans ahead and anticipates unexpected events. 


Burgess: Payton R. for the strength of CARING.  She is kind and sweet to everyone.  Payton made Mrs. Burgess a folder that was decorated so cute to help her keep papers organized.  Payton is so thoughtful!


Graham: Remington G. for the strengths of DEPENDABILITY and CARING. Remington is always the first person to offer a helping hand.  Rem never forgets to complete his class job.  He is a very reliable young man and a pleasure to teach. 


Barlow: Tristan T. for the strength of CONFIDENCE. Tristan is working hard and constantly improving at all he does.  He knows he can achieve great things as he uses his confidence to improve. 


Higbee & Ralston: Emma H. has been exhibiting the strength of ACHIEVING. She has been practicing her division facts every night to increase her math fact fluency. She finished a paper division paper in less than a minute and got all of them right! She has been such a good example of hard work