“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


“This student uses his strength of confidence in many ways. He participates often in class with answers to the teacher’s questions because he is confident in his answers. In writing, he has become very confident and helps others who are needing a boost. Nice work.”
Strength of: Confidence – Mrs. N. Haller


Jorge demonstrates the strength of achieving every day. He is very conscious of making good choices, checking his work and completing it to the best of his ability each time. Jorge asks for help if he needs it to make sure that he can complete his assignments correctly. Jorge looks for ways to increase his knowledge and is always willing to help others if they ask so that they can achieve as well.”
Strength of: Achieving – Mrs. Yocklin


Jaime is acknowledged for her strength as a discoverer.  She collects information and always ask questions.  She likes to explore new ideas and will share.  Great work Jaime!”
Strength of: Discoverer – Ms. Groff