“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”

Chaycelee is a great competitor.  She doesn’t brag about what she’s good at, but it’s obvious that she enjoys competition.  Mrs. Mack was able to witness first hand her desire to win, as Chaycelee easily outran her in a full speed sprint!!”
Strength of: Competing – Mrs. Mack


Morgan is confident and believes in herself in her learning, and also as a kind friend on the playground.  She takes on new things believing that she can do anything, and proves herself right when she does her best to accomplish the task at hand.  She is a great example of confidence to all those around her!”😊
Strength of: Confidence – Miss Bishop


Christian is very caring.  He is always very kind and helpful to his peers.  Whenever anyone is feeling sad, he is always the first one to try to cheer them up.  When someone shows a strength a class, he makes sure to compliment them and makes them feel special.  He has great manners too!  We are lucky to have Christian in our class!”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. Horlacher