Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Willow is always set with her work neat and orderly.  She likes to help others make sure they are set to work.  I also hear at home, she loves the chores because it helps her home be in order.  She is a great example of an organizer.”
Strength of: Organizer – Mrs. Higbee


Lupita is one of the most caring students in our class.  She is always watching out for other students and helping out both her classmates and myself.  She is a giving and thoughtful child who exhibits caring on a daily basis.”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. A. Haller


Logan is a good listener and is very responsible to know what to do. He takes his responsibility serious and makes sure to do what he promises to do. He is very trustworthy and I can always depend on him.”
Strength of Dependability – Mrs. N. Haller


Mark is great at games and sports and he is always challenging himself to improve.”
Strength of: Competing – Mrs. Edwards


“Believing in yourself and knowing you can learn new concepts are traits of a confident student.  Sebastiano exhibits the traits of a confident student.  He believes in himself and eagerly approaches and completes his assignments. ”
Strength of: Confidence – Ms. McDevitt


Juan is being recognized as a future thinker.  He plans ahead and projects the larger vision. Juan is a strategic planner and commits to responsibility for his destiny.”
Strength of: Future Thinker – Ms. Groff


Rochelle is a born leader. She is confident and loves to share. She is always willing to help wherever needed. Her presence is a comfort to many students.”
Strength of: Presence – Mrs. Hawkins


Nathan never cowers from a challenge for fear of failing.  He is always ready and willing to do what is asked of him.”
Strength of: Confidence – Mrs. Mack