“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”



Taylor is always someone we can count on. She is always volunteering to help the teacher and the class. I can trust that she will follow through with any task I give her. Her dependability makes her a great student and friend!”
Strength of: Dependability – Mrs. Hawkins


Charlotte has a wide circle of friends and is liked by everyone. She is a team player and seeks to include anyone who wants to be included. She is good at noticing if someone needs a friend and will approach them and invite them to play with her. Charlotte excels in the strength of relating.”
Strength of: Relating – Ms. Staggie


Patrick is being recognized for his strength in competing. Patrick is a fierce competitor in PE and all sports related activities. He is also shining with competing in academics. His biggest competitor is himself and he works hard to beat his previous score. He is always striving to do better.”
Strength of: Competing – Ms. Groff


Jackson loves to be the center of attention.  You can always find him out of his seating talking with a friend at their desk.  He has lots of friends and kids love to hang around him. He always has a smile on his face.”
Strength of: Presence – Mrs. Stahr


Hunter has been working hard on his strength of achieving to improve his school work. In writing, Hunter rewrite his paragraphs to make sure he has them correct. In math, Hunter has made huge progress with getting his work done in time and done correctly. Great effort in achieving better grades Hunter!”
Strength of: Achieving – Mrs. N. Haller


Abigail is a shining example of the strength for caring.   She has a big heart, and is always looking for ways to help others.   She uses her own recess time at lunch to help with the kindergarten class as a helper.   Inside Mr. Haller’s class she is always helping others and showing acts of kindness.”
Strength of: Caring – Mr. D. Haller


“I told the class everything has a place and Rasheed makes sure everything is in the correct places. Rasheed’s desk looks amazing all of the time you will never find crayons rolling around or papers hidden under a binder. He takes his time with everything he does because he wanted it to look just right.  He loves to have a schedule or steps to follow so he can always know what is coming up next and what he is doing. Rasheed is sweet and great to have in class.”
Strength of: Organizer – Ms. Tiger