Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”

River is building his confidence level each week. He believes he can succeed and is not afraid to attempt and complete all assignments and projects.”
Strength of: Confidence – Ms. Groff


Morgan loves to be in the spot light in class. She loves to dance and sing. She likes to take charge of her little group. She had the biggest personality ever you will always know how this little kindergartener feels.”
Strength of: Presence – Miss Tiger


Khloe has a very wide circle of friends. She wants to be everyone friend and they want to be hers.”
Strength of: Relating – Mrs. Stahr


Harper is always thinking of others, and showing caring and kindness.  She is very thoughtful and helps others around her.  She is a wonderful person to be around!” 😊
Strength of: Caring – Miss Bishop


Carson has caring as his number one strength. He looks out for others and is always helpful. He has many friends and wants everyone to be happy. Carson will be moving soon and we will miss him so much.”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. N. Haller


Danny is always striving to excel, he loves to compete, he is always willing to take on a hard academic challenge by approaching it as a fun game that he wants to win.   He is always trying to win in both academics and sports.   Danny is the ultimate pro!”
Strength of: Competing – Mr. D. Haller


Caleb loves to learn new things and share it with the class. I love that he always wants to know more about the topics we cover in class. His contributions make our class discussions fun.”
Strength of: Discovering – Mrs. Hawkins