“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


West: Raymond M. for the strength of CONFIDENCERaymond has true confidence. He believes in his abilities as an individual. He stays strong to his values. He isn’t afraid to speak up for what he believes in. He is able to differentiate constructive criticism and judgment. Ray is a true example of confidence. 


N Haller: Sabastiano Y. for the strength of FUTURE THINKERSabastiano has the strength of future thinker. He shows this in his work at school by focusing on his goals and ways he can go past his goals. Sabastiano likes to plan ahead and look for new ideas. Great job Sabastiano for showing your strength to your class and school.


Horlacher: Hendrex R. for the strength of COMPETINGHendrex likes to be the first one done with his work, but he always makes sure it is his best.  He works hard and loves to win. 


Barlow: Urijah L. for the strength of FUTURE THINKERUrijah is always on task and thinking about what we are learning.  He asks great questions and is always eager to contribute.  Urijah is a great student.


Edwards: Trinity E. for the strength of ACHIEVING – Trinity works hard to finish all her work and always does her very best.  She achieved first honor roll in the first quarter and is determined to keep that going all year.


Burgess: Ashtyn R. for the strength of RELATING – Ashtyn is sweet, kind, and a good friend to everyone.  Ashtyn is a team player and she definitely understands that the success of our classroom depends on each student.  She is a student that is an example of true kindness and lifting others up.


Stahr: Matthew C. for the strength of CARING – Matthew has such a big heart.  He loves to help others.  He has empathy for others and he cares about their feelings.


A Haller: Lindsey G. for the strength of CARING – Lindsey is always watching out for others.  She helps others without being asked and is quick to make sure everyone is included.  She demonstrates caring every day.


Graham: Preston H. for the strength of DEPENDABILITY – I can trust that Preston is ready to complete tasks and do what he says he can do.  I am very proud of that young man!


Robinson: Nicholas P. for the strength of DISCOVERING – Nick is always connecting what we are reading to something current and is very curious.  I can always count on Nick to ask questions during class discussions.  He is very inquisitive.


Chapman: Maddelyn B. for the strength of ACHIEVING – Maddelyn always tries her best on assignments and is driven to achieve and do her best in the classroom.  


D Haller: Alysa G. for the strength of ORGANIZER.