Everyone knows there is a shortage of great teachers. We are always looking to find that one enthusiastic person who can really connect with our kids and push them to maximize their potential, while loving them like their own children.  We do need more of these people in our schools. However, we can start by taking care of the ones that we already have.  One of the very best people we know, who happens to be an Amazing 2nd grade teacher as well, really needs our help. Mrs. Ralston is scheduled to have brain surgery and is expected to miss at least 2 months in recovery. A preexisting condition has also prevented her from obtaining supplemental insurance that could help with lost wages. Please follow the link if you can make a small donation. If you have ever needed Brain surgery, then you know how expensive it can be.  If you have ever been without a paycheck for 2 months and have a family to support, you know how hard that can be. If you have ever had both at the same time, you are Brianne Ralston, and you deserve our help.