With Teacher Appreciation Week quickly approaching, May 3rd-7th. We thought you might like some ideas for your teachers. Here are a few of their favorite things!! Just click on the link to open up their list.

Kindergarten Hesse
Kindergarten Jarrell
Kindergarten Tiger
1 Horlacher
1 Staggie
1 Stahr
2 McDevitt
2 Solis
2 Whittaker
3 Burgess
3 Ferree
3 Van Buren
4 A. Haller
4 Bishop
4 Chapman
5 Doane
5 Graham
5 Robinson
6 D. Haller
6 Geidt
6 N. Haller
Specials Computers Gaddie
Specials Music Fairbanks
Specials PE Coach Haller