“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Tiger: F. for the strength of Achieving– F. is always  striving to do his best. He stays on task to get everything gets completed. He is eager to learn new things. He worked hard every day to make it across the monkey bars and once he finally made it he ran to me filled with joy.  He never gives up.


McDevitt: Kalin C. for the strength of Confidence:  I have loved watching Kalin’s confidence soar this year!  Kalin works hard at school and never gives up because the work is hard.  He is always willing to try and try again.  He often asks for additional work, so he can practice.  He is reading like a champ this quarter and has passed his AR goal.  I am so pleased to have Kalin in my class!


Edwards: Kaylee B. for the strength of Dependability:  Kaylee is dependable in all aspects of school life.  She works hard and completes her work on time.  She is always following school and class rules.  I can always depend on her to be honest and stand up for what is right and kind.  Our class depends on Kaylee.


Robinson:  Exandra R. for the strength of Achieving:  Coming to our school midyear did not intimidate Exandra.  She stepped to the plate and got to work!  Exandra works diligently in everything she does, and she excels academically.  We love having Exandra in class!


Ferree:  Brandon N. for the strength of Achieving:  He works very hard and has made tremendous progress in reading.  He has a great drive to be the best and I appreciate all of his effort!


Chapman:  Willow T. for the strength of Competing:  Willow competes with herself to always do better than she did the day before.  This shows in her Math Facts, Reading, and progress on her AR goal.


A Haller:  Mariana R. for the strength of Confidence:  I love how Mariana shows her confidence daily.  She is never afraid to volunteer in class and she never gets discouraged.  She chooses to learn from her mistakes and her confidence always shines through!


S Bishop:  Sadie H. for the strength of Relating:  Sadie ahs many strengths, but the one I would like to recognize for her today is Relating.  She is a friend to all those around her.  Her caring smile and loving nature makes everyone want to be around her.  She is a sweet girl and would help anyone in any way she could.  She is always thinking of others and is a great example to all of her classmates.