Dear Parents,

Here is an update for you with Happy Valley East’s plan thus far. In anticipation of a possible school closure for an extended period of time, our leadership team is exploring options for distance learning.  We will begin training our teachers and faculty on Monday 3/23.  We will have real time IT and administrative support for our teachers while they are in training next week. Since we have no precedence for this type of situation, we want our teachers to take the time to feel comfortable with this new and exciting facilitation of teaching. It is our expectation that your student’s teacher will personally reach out to you via phone or email to inform you regarding when their distance learning class will begin.

If traditional school has not resumed by March 30th, distance learning for all classes will begin no later than the 30th.  We understand that not all families have the technological capabilities to ensure distance learning, those families will work with our teachers and administration regarding alternative methods of home learning. It is our intention to post information daily in an effort to make this possible transition easy and effective. Please visit our schools website for information and inquiries We are hopeful and excited to continue to serve your family and our community.

Thank you,
Happy Valley School East Campus Team