March 20, 2020

Dear Parents,

I would like to update you on the latest developments regarding the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) effect on schools. We are regulated by Federal, State and Local agencies that are currently dealing with this unfortunate situation. Information changes daily, so I will keep you updated on this website as soon as we get new information.

Governor Doug Ducey closed all Arizona schools until March 27th.

That date could be extended. The Arizona Department of Education said that they will give us an update on March 22nd.

Late Wednesday night, the Arizona legislature passed some changes to current laws and regulations to help the schools navigate through this situation.

We have been meeting this week, as administration, to put in place academic systems to continue student learning until we are able to resume classes. We have online and paper options to accommodate all students. Teachers and staff will meet early next week for training. Look for updates from them.

There are still questions regarding state testing. I will update you as I get new information.

I think constantly how this is affecting our students, their families and our staff. I have faith that we will conquer this together. Your family and students are amazing.

We are dedicated, and will continue to teach your children as we get through this challenge.

Thank you for your support.

Glen Gaddie
Happy Valley School East Campus