Dear Happy Valley East Families,

We hope you are having good summer and staying safe and healthy. There have been lots of questions about what school will look like when we return to the classrooms. The safety of our students and staff are very important to us. We would like to share some of the changes and adjustments that will be made to help ensure that safety while retaining the most normal and familiar school environment as possible. The following is a list measures that will be in place when school starts on July 22nd.

  • Staff members will be trained in new sanitation procedures and health protocols.
  • Intensified cleaning and sanitizing of the school with increased frequency of cleaning to high -touch surfaces.
  • Posted signage encouraging proper hygiene and sanitization practices.
  • Additional hand washing stations added to the campus.
  • Students will not share classroom supplies such as pencils and scissors that have not been sanitized first.
  • Parents are required to ensure the health of their students before sending them to school.
  • When students arrive to school, they will report directly to class to minimize exposure to students who are not in their immediate classroom. (morning assembly and Friday assembly will have virtual attendance in the classrooms)
  • No visitors will be permitted on campus beyond the front office.
  • No after school clubs will be held at this time. (before and after care will still be available as an essential service).
  • No offsite field trips will be planned at this time.
  • Lunchroom tables will be separated and spaced.
  • There will be no open salad bar for students to access. (any fruit or vegetable provided will be served on the lunch trays with the main item)
  • Dividers added to separate bathroom sinks.
  • Classroom desks will all face the same direction and be separated to the extent that our space allows.
  • Students riding a bus to and from school will be required to wear a mask provided at home. (we are unable to prevent students from being in close proximity to students from other classrooms during this process) Asthmatic students will not be required to wear a mask.
  • Masks will not be required to be worn while at school but are allowed for any students wishing to wear them.
  • We will continue to offer recess and special classes for all students with built-in sanitization breaks between each group.
  • We encourage each student to bring their own water bottle to reduce the number of students sharing the drinking fountains. (fountains will be cleaned regularly)
  • Alcohol free hand sanitizer will be available for students age 6 and under.

This list contains many of the ways we hope to improve safety on campus, undoubtedly there will be more items added or modified if the current situations dictates a need. We will see you in July!