“Once we find out where we are the strongest, we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”

Antonio loves to learn and make new connections. This week I have seen his eyes light up as we have talked about science and why things around us work.”
Strength of: Discoverer – Miss Staggie


Urijah always has a clean desk and he organizes his things so he always knows where his supplies are.  He always gets his work done on time.  Urijah is a great example of an organizer!”
Strength of: Organizer – Mrs. Horlacher


Anthony is always ready, on task and any time I need him, he is there ready to help or ready with an answer.”
Strength of: Dependable – Mrs. Stahr


Isabela is new to our school, but has made many friends and has been an example of kindness to all those around her!”
Strength of: Relating – Miss Bishop


Rylee came up to me after class and said she was good at dusting and asked if she could dust off the computers. She did a thorough job.”
Strength of: Caring – Mr. Mack


Adalynn is so caring. She is always looking for opportunities to serve the students in our classroom. She loves to help, share, and cheer people up.”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. Ralston


Nick put forth extra effort to achieve the fastest time in the school during last week’s testing of the shuttle run in P.E.  His time of 9.9 seconds was not his first effort, but he pushed himself beyond his first few efforts to make this exceptionally fast time, which makes him eligible to continue on to achieve the Presidential Fitness Award this year.  Congratulations to him!”
Strength of: Achieving – Coach Orton


Matthew has confidence because every time he is called on he never hesitates to give anything a try!”
Strength of: Confidence – Miss Tiger


Abbie is always asking what she can do next.”
Strength of: Future Thinker – Mrs. Yocklin