“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


D. Haller: Mariah C. for the strength of CARING.  We are so lucky to have Mariah in our class. All day long we see just how big her heart is.  She is always encouraging others around her and making sure no one is left out. In our class we can count on Mariah to be kind, thoughtful, and caring. 


Tiger: Ryder K. for the strength of COMPETING. Ryder shows the competing strengths because he loves a challenge and to games in class. He is very completive and active at recess. He likes to complete all of his work just to be done first. 


N. Haller: I am recognizing G for the strength of ACHIEVING. In just the few weeks of school, he has already tackled many hard math concepts and shown his exceptional growth and achievement. He works hard and strives for greatness! I know he will achieve a lot this year.


Solis: Paizley Y for the strength of CONFIDENCE. From the first day we started school Paizley has shown confidence.  She came into my classroom with a smile on her face and sat down and wanted to know what we were doing first.  She always raises her hand for any question that I ask.  She even raises her hand during assemblies because she knows the answer every time.  She holds her head high, sits in ready position and is a leader in our classroom. She is very confident in herself.


Mack’s: RJ. H. for the strength of RELATING. RJ has a great personality and is a fun person to have in our class.  He has so many friends from his kindergarten year here at Happy Valley East but isn’t afraid to extend himself in making new ones and helping them to feel welcome.  We are lucky to have him in our class!  


Barlow: C for the strength of DEPENDABILITY.   This student is a very dependable student.  We can always count on her to get the task done!  We know that the job will be done correctly and to the best of her ability.  


Horlacher: Mason M. for the strength of PRESENCE.  Mason is so fun to be around and tells the best stories.  He brightens my day!


Stahr: Audree P. for the strength of ORGANIZER.  Audree’s desk is always clean.  She is very tidy.  She is a rule follower.


S. Sishop: Charlie O. for the strength of ACHIEVING.   I can always count on Charlie to be raising her hand to participate during any lesson throughout the day.  She is always willing to answer questions and listens so nicely.  She always does her best work and is a great example to all of her classmates.


Graham: Matthew L. for the strength of CARING.  Matthew has been caring (literally) for a student in our class who broke his arm.  He asked to move his seat so that he could help him with all of his work.  Matthew told me that he wishes that he would have broken his arm instead so that his friend did not have to feel the pain.  Wow!  What a caring student!