Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Austin has a larger than life personality that makes him a leader in our classroom. His presence makes him stand out in our class as a confident and passionate student who is an outstanding young man.”
Strength of: Presence – Mrs. West


Genesis is an organizing genius! She is so responsible and helpful with her organizing skills. She has volunteered to be an organization assistant to sit next to and help students who are not natural organizers. I love that she uses her strengths to help others!”
Strength of: Organizing – Mrs. Ralston


Alexa loves to tell stories that relate to the lesson. She also connects with her friends through the stories she tells.”
Strength of: Relating – Mrs. Hawkins


Jaxon thinks deeply and has good foresight.  He understands the success of his future is determined by the choices and learning habits he develops now.  Jaxon knows how to begin tasks with the end in mind.”
Strength of: Future Thinker – Mrs. Barlow


Corbin knows a lot already, but he loves to learn and discover new things!  I can tell that he thinks a lot about what we discuss in class.”
Strength of: Discoverer – Miss Bishop


Malaki loves to get his work finished .  He is usually first. During seatwork he is my helper and the kids will go to him with questions.”
Strength of: Achieving – Mrs. Stahr


Sadie believes in herself and knows what she is good at.  She easily takes on new challenges and loves to succeed!”
Strength of: Confidence – Mrs. Horlacher


Tucker likes to finish tasks first, but does so kindly, without being boastful. Tucker is finding that he can compete within himself, as well as with others, and it is great to see him find the challenge in many tasks and learn to set goals to complete his challenges ahead. Tucker is a great sport at recess, and plays well with others, never letting his love of winning get ahead of being a good friend.”
Strength of Competing – Mrs. Yocklin


Holly has a kind heart and is always aware of the needs of her fellow classmates. When a fellow classmate is having a rough day Holly quietly seeks to comfort them without the attention from others.”
Strength of: Caring – Miss. Staggie