Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Janice works so hard to make sure she gets every assignment turned in. Even when she was out sick, she came back and got all her work in on time just as if she had never been gone.”
Strength of: Achiever – Mrs. Edwards



Kendra is acknowledged for her dependability.  She is a very responsible and trustworthy individual.  She takes pride in her work and makes sure she has every assignment completed.”
Strength of: Dependability – Ms. Groff



Aniya is very sweet and exhibits the strength of caring.  She shows concern and tries to help when a classmate is feeling unhappy or has a problem.  She’s sensitive to the needs of others and does her best to make those around her happy.  She also cares about herself and is working very hard in school and doing a great job.  It makes me very happy to recognize Aniya for her caring heart.”
Strength of: Caring – Ms. McDevitt



Aiden loves competitions and tries to be the first one done every time.”
Strength of: Competing – Mrs. N. Haller



Tillie always involves everyone.  She likes to make new friends and if someone is feeling left out, I can always count on her to play with them.”
Strength of Relating – Ms. Tiger



Brogan is always taking on new challenges and tasks because he believes in himself and knows that he can rise to meet the challenges.”
Strength of Confidence – Mr. Haller



Nathan is always very inquisitive and he wants to know more.  He gets so excited about learning new things.”
Strength of: Discoverer – Miss. Lisa