“Once we find out where we are the strongest, we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Paige comes to school each day with a positive and caring attitude. She is a very thoughtful young lady who makes time to help others when needed.”
Strength of: Caring – Ms. Groff


Liliana demonstrates many great qualities of a relator. She is helpful and kind, and many people enjoy being around her. If I know that I need someone to be a good friend, Lily always sets a great example.”
Strength of: Relating – Mrs. Yocklin


Nadia loves to be noticed. She has a big personality and a big heart. If she is in the room you will certainly know it.”
Strength of: Presence – Ms. Staggie


Sylvanna is really amazed by science when we do a science experiment in class she loves to try it again at home. She likes to know what if.”
Strength of: Future Thinker – Miss Tiger


Chase was very competitive while playing Uno. He beat his competitor 3 times in a row, and showed no mercy with the draw 4 card! He showed great sportsmanship.”
Strength of: Competing – Mrs. Ringler


TK is extremely energetic and always goes the extra mile to achieve the goals he sets for himself.  He thrives on the satisfaction of accomplishing his goals.”
Strength of: Achieving – Mr. Haller


“You can count on Christian to give his best effort consistently.  Consequently, he is the first student in the school this year to master all 4 areas of math facts.”
Strength of: Dependability – Mr. Mack