Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”

Andrew loves to learn and is always asking questions.  He works hard to figure out problems on his own.  He enjoys science and hands on activities.”
Strength of: Discovering – Mrs. Horlacher

Skylyn is very dependable. Whenever I ask her to do something, she will always say yes. She volunteers for ways to help both the teacher and her classmates, and always follows through. I love that Skylyn is so dependable.”
Strength of: Dependable – Mrs. Yocklin

“I choose Malaki for competing. He loves to finish first in anything he does. He also loves to win and he loves to compete against others.”
Strength of: Competing – Mrs. Stahr

“When a task is given to Jazlynn, whether it’s an assignment just for her or involves other students, she has the ability to jump right in and know what to do to get the job accomplished.”
Strength of: Organizer – Mrs. Mack