“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”

“When Kayleigh tells me she is going to do something it is always done. She loves to help out in the classroom. When Kayleigh is done with her work she looks at me for confirmation then goes to another students desk to help them complete their work as well.   I can always trust she is following the rules outside of the classroom and ensuring other students are doing the same. She is very responsible and an awesome student to have in class.”
Strength of: Dependability – Ms. Tiger


Rodney is always looking for the big picture of things. He is aware of what is realistic for his future and works towards fulfilling his dreams. Rodney is a future thinker.
Strength of: Future Thinker – Ms. Staggie


Jordin is a very caring student. She is always saying nice things about everyone. She goes out of her way to help anyone. On several mornings, she has written positive notes to all of her classmates and left them on their desks. She knows how to make any day better with her kindness!”
Strength of: Caring – Mrs. Hawkins


Mila is a discoverer.  She is constantly asking “why”. She loves to learn and gets excited about learning new topics.”
Strength of: Discoverer – Mrs. Stahr


Kate is an organizer. She is mindful of always keeping her desk and supplies organized and makes sure that her papers get into the correct space each day. She loves to help others, as she is great about organizing her time as well as her things. Kate is a great example of an organizer.”
Strength of: Organizer – Mrs. Yocklin


Reese is truly a caring person. She goes out of her way to get to someone who has been injured or is crying. She always tries to comfort or cheer-up those in need.”
Strength of: Caring – Coach Orton


Abigail is fun to be around and makes people feel good about themselves.  She loves to help others and always is the first one to compliment another student.  She loves to tell stories and always has a smile on her face!”
Strength of: Presence – Mrs. Horlacher