Classroom Supply Lists

by Teacher

Click desired teacher name to open supply list. Click on the small picture of the list to open a larger, viewable version of each list. Some teachers may have additional classroom supply requests.

Want your supplies delivered directly to your house?  The school gets back a percentage of all sales. Pick and choose what supplies you want/need, then they are delivered direct to your house. Shipping is free on all orders over $35, class supply lists can be combined for your over all total.  Check out ClassBundle:


Staggie 2017-18
Stahr 2017-18
Tiger 2017-18

1st Grade:
Horlacher 2017-18
Mack 2017-18
Yocklin 2017-18

2nd Grade:
Barlow 2017-18
Bishop 2017-18
Ralston 2017-18

3rd Grade:
Burgess 2017-18
Hawkins 2017-18
West 2017-18

4th Grade:
Chapman 2017-18
Edwards 2017-18
A Haller 2017-18

5th Grade:
N Haller 2017-18
McDevitt 2017-18

6th Grade:
Groff 2017-18
D Haller 2017-18