“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Mack: A. for the strength of CARING: When someone is feeling distressed, A. feels compassion for them and wants to help them in some way.  She is often found comforting or helping her classmates when they are in need.  She truly exhibits the strength of caring.


Graham:  Zariah J. for the strength of CARING:  Zariah is so sweet and kind.  She cares for everyone.  Zariah follows the “Golden Rule” and always treats others the way she would like to be treated.


Burgess:  B. for the strength of ORGANIZER:  B. uses her organization skills to help others in our class by helping with the lunch tags.  She does this job completely on her own.  It is very important for her to stay organized. 


Barlow:  Eric D. for the strength of CONFIDENCE:  Eric exhibits confidence both in the classroom and on the playground.  He is not afraid to show his talents or strengths. 


A. Bishop:  Jazlynn P. for the strength of DEPENDABILITY:  Jazlynn is such a responsible second grader.  I can always count on her to do her best, get her work done, and be a helper.  She is a magnificent example and role model.  She is always on task and always follows directions.  I just love having her in my class. 


Chapman:  Ava B. for the strength of PRESENCE:  Ava uses the strength of presence to be a positive role model in the class.  She is a great example in the class every time we are ready to start a lesson.  She is happy to learn and it is apparent to those around her. 


Ferree:  Gabriela C. for the strength of FUTURE THINKER:  Gabriela is very driven to reach her AR goal.  She has been working toward it since we first started talking about it. 


Horlacher:  Esmeralda C. for the strength of ACHIEVING:  Esmeralda always turns in her best work.  She is always a great role model to her peers.  She is an artist and always takes her time when completing work.  I am so proud of her!