“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


D Haller: Brook F. for Strength of RELATING…. Brook is always finding ways to connect with her classmates making long lasting friendships.  She has shown the ability to make everyone around her feel happy.  She never wants anyone to feel left out, she is very thoughtful of other people’s feelings.  We are lucky to have Brook in our class.


N Haller: Kayden R. for PRESENCE. She loves to volunteer answers and participates often. She will read with a nice clear and loud voice. She is helpful in group work to explain what they are doing.


Barlow: Devyn G. has the strength of being an ORGANIZER.  She takes great care of her school supplies and keeps her desk clean and matriculate. Devyn understands the difference between work time and play time and gets her work done in a timely manner.  Thanks for being a wonderful organizer Devyn.


Barlow: A. has the strengths of ACHIEVING.  She has already read the first 1000 sight words! 


Ferree: I would like to recognize Jace A. for the strength of ACHIEVING.  Jace has a bar set very high for himself already and he does a great job every day meeting or exceeding his own and his teachers expectations. 


Chapman: I would like to recognize Kevin F. for the strength of COMPETING.  Kevin always competes with himself to do better.  He is driven to improve on math facts each day.  He always wants to be faster and to beat his previous score. 


Edwards: I would like to recognize Madison R. for the strength of DEPENDABILITY.  Madison always follows class rules and completes her work.  I can depend on her to fulfill class assignments and her leadership role in the classroom and to set a great example for others.


A Haller: I would like to recognize Austin B. for the strength of CONFIDENCE.  Austin shows his confidence in class daily.  I love that he can always provide reasoning for his thinking.  He is a great role model for believing in himself. 


Robinson: I would like to recognize Brooke F. for the strength of ORGANIZING.  Brooke not only came to school on the very first day organized, but she continues to be every day.  It was no wonder she was chosen as one of our class librarians.  Brooke also has the most beautiful cursive handwriting.  Brooke is organized in her classwork and materials as well as in her thoughts and writing.


McDevitt: I would like to recognize Dylan D. for the strength of DISCOVERER.  Dylan is excited to learn.  He asks a lot of questions in his quest for knowledge.  Dylan is inquisitive and I can tell he’s thinking about the information he takes in.  As his teacher, it is exciting to see how eager he is to learn.