“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Solis: H. for the strength of Caring: H. always uses his strength of caring.  Every morning he is waiting to give me a hug with a huge smile on his face.  He is very kind to his peers and always makes sure everyone is ok.  If someone gets hurt or is discouraged, he is always sure to let someone know.  We love having him in our class.


Staggie: Payson R. for the strength of Competing: Payson sees everything as a competition from getting the highest score on his math test to being first in line. If there is no one else to compete with, Payson will set goals for himself and aim to beat his personal best records. Payson thrives when he is in first place and enjoys being recognized for his wins!  


Graham: Janice M. for the strength of Presence: Janice influences others in our class in such a positive and encouraging way.  She is a role model every day!  Great job, Janice!


Burgess:  Acely E. for the strength of Caring:  Acely has been so kind to every student in our class.  She has had the opportunity to be forgiving when others wrong her, she is always making sure everyone is included and every day she gives Mrs. Burgess at least one compliment.  


Stahr: Noah F. for the strength of Confidence:  Noah believes in himself and his abilities. He is willing to take on challenges because he feels he will succeed.


Horlacher:  Summer S. for the strength of Dependability:  Our class can always count on Summer to be a good example to others.  She makes great choices in class and always gives her best effort.  She is very dependable.  


McDevitt:  Xavier L. for the strength of Presence:  Xavier’s happy attitude and his strength of presence are infectious.  He can make stressful times less so with his funny comments and his mischievous smile.  He is always willing to get up in front of the class and perform.  We enjoy Xavier and are glad he is part of our class.


A Bishop:  Kevin L. for the strength of Presence:  Kevin is a great example of presence!  He thrives in the lime light and is very influential to those around him.  He is a great, confident leader, and often takes leadership roles in class.  He is listened to, and respected by his peers, and is overall a great presence in our class.  


Barlow:  J for the strength of Achieving:  J. has worked so hard on her sight words and is diligent with her homework.  We appreciate her dedication to improve academically!