“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


D Haller: Christian M. for the strength of CONFIDENCEChristian is always willing to take on additional challenges because he feels sure he can succeed.   Because of his strength of confidence, he helps others believe in each other.  He is always very comfortable being himself and taking a stand for what he believes in. We are lucky to have Christian in our class.


N Haller:  Karime M. for the strength of PRESENCE – She shows this strength by participating in class discussions and helping groups stay focused. Karime likes to show examples on the front board and leads others in group projects. 


Horlacher: Caprice T. for the strength of DEPENDABILITY – Caprice makes great choices in class.  She always gives her best effort and works hard at everything that she tries.  I can depend on her to be a good role model to her peers.


Ferree: Marley M. for the strength of ACHIEIVING – She’s worked hard this year and is making huge strides.  I’m very proud of her effort and so happy she’s seeing improvement!


Chapman: Jackson R. for the strength of COMPETING – Jackson is motivated to do his best any time learning is made into a competition.  He wants to do better than he did before!


Graham: Ramon C. for the strength of RELATING – Ramon always takes the time to understand first then he wants to be understood.  Ramon is a valuable member of our class and community.  He helps keep us all together.


Edwards: Sydnie B. for the strength of DEPENDABILITY – Sydney can be depended on to always be working hard on her classwork and not visiting with classmates.  Sydnie follows through on every assignment and always does her best.  The whole class can depend on her to provide a great example in academics and behavior.  


A Haller:  Elli H. for the strength of CONFIDENCE –  Elli shines when she shows her confidence.  I love how excited she is to share her knowledge with the class, and her confident manner makes us all excited about what she will teach us.