“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


Tiger: Skylar L. for the strength of ACHIEVINGSkylar always gets done with her work. She loves to reach her goals and complete any task given to her. When she is finished she is willing to go help others instead of doing something fun. She works hard in and out of class. 


Staggie:  Gunner G. for the strength of COMPETING: Gunner loves to win! At recess, you can usually find him playing basketball or football with his friends. In the classroom, he loves to be first, he loves to get a 100%, and he always strives to be the best. Gunner loves to compete. 


A Bishop: Emily H. for the strength of PRESENCE: This girl shines!  She lights up any room that she is in.  She is a wonderful example to all of her peers.  She loves dancing and performing in competitions.  She is such a pleasure to have in our class!


Graham: Brodie K. for the strength of CONFIDENCE: He has worked so hard to be confident in the amazing young man that he is and the diligent student he is becoming.


S Bishop: Rylee C. for the strength of FUTURE THINKER:  Rylee always seems to be thinking ahead and is willing to help out with anything we need for future lessons or activities.  She gets her work turned in on time and always does her best!


Mack: J for the strength of DEPENDABILITY: J was chosen for this strength because no matter the assignment or task that is given to him, he will give 100% until it is complete.  He can be trusted to keep a promise and will follow through with anything that he says that he will do.  He is always willing to do his part within the class and doesn’t sit back waiting for others to step in.  He is someone that can always be counted on!