“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”


A Bishop: Daniel C. for the strength of Dependability:  He is very responsible and a great helper.  I always know I can depend on him to help around the class, and he always does a great job.  He’s a good role model to his fellow students.  I love that he is always ready to help with a smile!


Solis: Dalilah H. for the strength of Organizing:  Her desk is always neat and tidy and she always has her supplies she needs.  She follows the classroom and school rules and stays on task.  She is very consistent in getting her work done and delight to have in our classroom.


West: Abby A. for the strength of Confidence:  Abby leads by example and has the ability to make decisions easily with the inner reassurance to follow through. She is not afraid to attempt something new and she welcomes the opportunity to show others how to do something she has previously mastered. Abby is confident! 


Burgess:  A. for the strength of Organizer: A can quickly put our class work into number order, file the papers, and organize anything!  She has a very organized desk, and she knows that her life runs more smoothly because she is organized.


Stahr: Y for the strength of Relating: Y is a good friend.  She is easy to be around and makes friends quickly.  She is always the first person to approach new students and ask to be their friend.  


Barlow:  Caleb C. for the strength of Achieving: He has worked so hard to learn addition and subtraction with regrouping.  He loves math and it shows.  


A Haller:  Evee B. for the strength of Discoverer:  Evee clearly displays her strength of discoverer when we work on Science and Social Studies.  She has thoughtful questions and comments that help all of us to dig deeper into the subject we are studying.  


Chapman:  Dominic M. for the strength of Presence:  Dominic always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude at school.  His presence helps create a positive environment in our classroom.  


Ferree:  Talon G. for the strength of Future Thinker:  Talon is already actively working on his third quarter goals!  He smashed his fact fluency goals and is doing a wonderful job staying on top of his AR goal!


Staggie: Coral F. for the strength of Presence: Coral is happy and excited about life. She thrives when given an opportunity to perform in front of the class. There is never a dull moment when Coral is around. She never misses an opportunity to take bow for a job well done.  Coral flourishes when given the opportunity to embrace her strength of presence.


Horlacher: Mason M. for the strength of Presence!  He is so fun to be around and makes everyone smile.  He is so kind to his classmates and always has funny stories to tell.  Mason is friends with everyone and makes sure everyone feels welcome.  I love having Mason in my class!