“Once we find out where we are the strongest,
we can use our strengths to help ourselves and others.”

Mack: Noah C. for the strength of Achieving – I can always find Noah at his seat accomplishing his work without having to be reminded to stay on task.  He finds satisfaction in improvement and is enthusiastic about completing an assignment and in doing it well.  Noah is a true achiever!

D Haller: Serenity T. for the strength of Organizer –  Serenity always has the most organized desk in the classroom.  She is always willing to help others organize their desk.  Serenity enjoys making plans to accomplish her task and assignments,  she is always prepared for her day.   In math, Serenity has detailed work that she can show to her classmates to help them organize their work. It is great to have Serenity in our class. 

N Haller: Aniyah G. for the strength of Future Thinker – Aniyah uses her strength of future thinker a lot in class, especially in writing. When Aniyah writes, she looks ahead to the goal she is trying to reach and will use that to help her write better. Aniyah also shares her future thinking with the class often, helping her classmates stay on topic and showing them what they are trying to accomplish. We love having Aniyah in our class!

West: Harper G. for the strength of relator – We recently had a student in our class that was struggling to make friends. Harper took this student under her wing and introduced her to many other students on the playground. She worked hard to establish connections with this student and made sure she felt included. Harper is a relator because she maintains friendships by widening her circle of friends for herself and for others. 

A Haller:  Madden W. for the strength of Achiever – Madden is most definitely an achiever.  He pushes himself to always meet his goals and constantly works to improve himself.

Edwards: Bentley Owens for the strength of Competing – For Bentley, life and school are games he can win.  He is always trying to be best and first.  He likes to compete on the classroom and on the playground sports fields.  For him everything is a contest.  

Chapman:  Evoleth F. for the strength of Achieving –  Evoleth works hard in class to do her best on all assignments.  She sets a goal to achieve and tries her best to get it done.  She is a great example of what it means to be an achiever and is always willing to help other students in class achieve their goals, too.  

McDevitt: Ryland T. for the strength of Caring –  Ryland is sweet and kind.  She is always willing to help anyone and she looks out for others.  She is a great peer tutor who has helped a number of students understand the concepts we’re learning in class.  It is a great pleasure to be Ryland’s teacher.  

Robinson:  Drake H. for the strength of Discoverer –  Drake is always looking for the latest Science related project and knows a lot about a lot.  He is always saying, “Did you know?”  and telling the class an informational fact about something he has learned.

Burgess:  K. for the strength of Organizer –  This strength of organizing helps her achieve in school.  She uses her organizing skill in her writing, note-taking, and even to help her organize her critical thinking skills in math.  This amazing strength she has will help her realize her dreams.